- Hand made crafts by artisans of distinction -

If you love Corgis as much as we do.... You've come to the right place!

(Just so you don't think we are snobs.... Some items are available in other Breeds

Handmade Pottery - Please call for pricing!!

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Colors of dogs and bowls can be chosen. All special orders are prepaid.

Please call for pricing!

New 4 Season's plates.  Approximately 5 1/2" diameter.
$45.00 each
If all 4 purchased at the same time and shipped to the same address, we will pay shipping.
(continental US only via USPS)

Cookie Jars - no two alike.  Red/white, red headed tri, black headed tri or design
your own.  Oh, you have a cat?  Ferret?
Set designed with your suggestions & pictures.
Pictured: The Lord is my shepherd.
Bowl Dual Bowl
Water Dish Food Dish
These are food bowls 5" in dia. and 2" deep .  Smaller dishes help the feeder feel less guilty about giving the feedee less food. 
We all know how Corgis like to eat.

Large Mug

Small Mug

Spoonrest About 6" diamenter No two alike handmade in Virginia.

It's one planter-- about 9 " tall-- " Corgis Pool party".

Ecclesiastes 3:1 Plate 10. No two are alike. Please allow 5 to 6 wks for special orders.
Corgi Bowl - Prices vary,
please call. No two alike.
Crumpet with hollyhocks - Prices vary,
please call. No two alike.
Reclining Corgis Plate - Prices vary, please call. No two alike.
Wine Cooler - Prices vary, please call. No two alike.
Corgi Crock - Prices vary, please call. No two alike.